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5 Popular London Attractions for Your First Trip“When a man is tired of London, he is tired of life.” Dr. Johnson’s famous quote is as true today as it was 200 years ago, and one could spend years trying to decide which of the city’s ever-expanding sights are top of the heap. While there’s probably a different list for every interest imaginable, here are five London attractions few visitors can resist while on their London holidays.

London Eye

Created to celebrate the millennium, this giant Ferris wheel carries 32

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London’s Little Known Museums [Sponsored Post]This post is brought to you by Hotels4u. For more information on sponsored posts read here.

From the Tate Modern to The British Museum, London is known for being home to some of the world’s best museums, and with most being free of charge, the wide selection can be overwhelming and many of the smaller ones are overlooked. We’ve rounded up some of the most underrated artistic and educational establishments around the capital, that prove that when it comes to museums,

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A great day out in London [Sponsored Post]This post is brought to you by Sykes Cottages. For more information on sponsored posts read here.

London is a wonderful place to visit. From cosmopolitan shopping areas to fascinating history and stunning architecture, there really is something for everyone. You don’t have to stay in London to make the most out of the city though, here’s how:

So easy to get around

London is one of the easiest cities to get around with countless bus routes, overland trains and the famous London

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What to Eat in London: Famous British FoodIt’s been said for years that British cuisine doesn’t exactly compete with other cuisines you can find in Europe because…it’s terrible. But all jokes aside, London is an incredible city with plenty of good food choices.

From eating in a pub to choosing a trendy restaurant, London doesn’t lack places to put hunger at bay. London is a multi-cultural city and food follows the trend. You can find pretty much any ethnic cuisine you can think about but if

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London Itinerary: The Perfect 5 Days

London is an incredible city, filled with sights to explore, museums to visit and things to do. While you can capture the essence of the city during a 3-day stay, 5 days in London gives you a chance to get to know the city better and even plan a day trip out of London.

However, London has never been a cheap destination to visit. In order to save money on your trip to London , it’s best to plan

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Things to Do on a Summer Visit to LondonThe short “blink and you’ll miss it” British summer is getting closer and closer. Soon the grey clouds and cold winds will depart, making way for blue skies, hot sunshine and warm breezes. So try out some of the things on our list for a perfect summer visit to London.

Visit London Zoo

Whether you’re with your partner, some friends, family or the kids, London Zoo is a great place to visit. It was voted London’s Best Tourism Experience in the 2010

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