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Canary Wharf – Part 2

Continued from Canary Wharf – Part 1 There’s a green-coloured foot bridge that you can take from West India Quay to the other side of North Dock at Wren’s Landing. In front of you are some steps leading up to Cabot Square, an open area with some modern sculpture and a circular fountain, surrounded by office blocks; the three to […]

Canary Wharf – Part 1

At the start of the 1980s, Canary Wharf comprised 8.5 square miles of unused docks and river frontage.┬áThe area had fallen into disrepair since Tilbury, further down river, started handling all of London’s container ship traffic. This area was spread between five London boroughs, and local planners wrestled with ideas to grass it over or build a zoo, prison or […]

Fleet Street part 2

Fleet Street’s been associated with the printing industry for over 500 years. Publishing started there in 1500 when an apprentice of William Caxton moved his printing presses to premises on Shoe Lane, off the left side of Fleet Street as you face St Paul’s, and over the year’s more and more printers and publisher’s moved in. The world’s first daily […]

Fleet Street part 1

Fleet Street is one of the most well known London street names. People all over the UK who’ve never been to the capital will have heard of Fleet Street and known what it meant. For over 200 years it was the centre of the newspaper industry in Britain and the name was and still is synonymous with journalism. I had […]


One of the nicest parts of London for a visitor to spend a day is Greenwich, about five miles east of Westminster, right on the banks of the River Thames. If you look on a map Greenwich is at the bottom of that big horseshoe the Thames makes and it’s position gives great views up river, across to the Isle […]