British Airways top airline for lost luggage

bags1.jpgNot a good day publicity wise for British Airways after they were named the worst of 24 major European airlines for losing passengers baggage in 2006 in a report from the Air Transport Users Council(AUC). In their press release the AUC says, ‘According to the airlines’ own data, the major European network airlines mishandled over 5.6 million bags in 2006. This figure, however, relates only to the twenty-four airlines that are members of the Association of European Airlines.’

Airlines such as Ryanair and easyJet are not members and don’t release data on how much luggage goes missing from their flights. Virgin Atlantic and BMI are members but they also won’t release figures.

According to the report British Airways loses 23 bags per 1,000 passengers carried, the average for the 24 major airlines was 15.7 bags per 1,000 passengers, and the AUC report says Ryanair claim a ratio of less than 1 bag per thousand on its website.




BA’s Director of Operations, Chris Want is quoted as saying ‘The number of bags per month we are handling at our Heathrow home has gone up by 25 per cent since the change in UK security regimes last August and this is reflected in higher numbers of delayed bags in the second half of the year when compared with the first half of 2006.
The volumes of hold baggage going through Heathrow, the change in security procedures and some baggage system failures within Terminal 4 has not helped our performance, but we accept that overall the levels of service we offered to our customers has not been up to an acceptable standard.’

Other airlines that had a worst than average loss of luggage included Lufthansa, Alitalia and Air France. The Montreal Convention covers airlines liability for lost baggage and states that a bag shall be considered lost after 21 days and but limits the amount payable to each customer at around £800.


The AUC says there’s not much passengers can do to make sure bags get put on the correct plane but there are a number of steps to take to minimise the effects if they do go astray.
1. Buy strong, good quality bags
2. Don’t over-pack bags, making them likey to burst
3. Pack valuables in hand luggage
4. Lock the bags
5. Make sure to label bags with contact details
6. Put contact details clearly visible inside the bag
7. Get travel insurance, and check that it covers personal baggage whilst in the
care of an airline.

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  • Hamma-Strauss Farida

    My son and I were travelling with BA on the 22 of June from Düsseldorf to New York via London Heathrow. Our machine from Düsseldorf to London got belated so that we missed our connection fly from London to New York. There was also no further fly to NY this evening so that we must sleep in London. We were not informed about the delay, not informed that we will miss our connection fly to NY and also nobody really cares. We receive assistance because I really insisted. We get a fly on American Airlines and flew to JFK Airport instead of Newark Airport. In JFK I discovered that our 3 luggages didnt follow us despite the guarantee given in London by a BA employee. We were on holliday in New Yord and no clothes at all with us. Every day I contact BA employee in order to get news of my luggages. They always told me American Airlines is responsible for the lost as they carry them. This was totally wrong. Two days ago I discover on my own that BA has delivered the luggages at the hotel we stayed after we left it back to Germany. I cannot understand how BA managed this because I insisted every day in each my phone call to BA that I would leave NY on the 2nd July and that my luggages have to be delivered to my home address in Germany. Now an employee told me I would be difficult to pick up my luggages from the hotel and the hotel was wrong as it took my luggages. This is incredible! BA just try to get out of its responsiblity. It is also amazing that I was able to locate my luggages but the employee of BA challanged this information as the delivery of the luggages have not been remarked in my file by their data base. It is inadmissible, incredible!! This kind of behavior with foreign properties takes criminal proportion. If BA is not able to manage the transport of luggages they should not be allowed to do so. The daughter of my boyfriend just came back from India, her BA fly in London Heatrow to Bruxelles has been cancelled. What happens now? Her lugages are lost!!! Not incredible for BA but just the way they are systematically acting. The best comment I got was: do not complain there are 10.000 other passengers in your case. Good to know, what about making this public and put it in the news paper. Please contact me, I would like to join a class action lawsuit:

  • Margot

    Same issue. Luggage from a family of 5 completely missing from a flight from Beijing on 22nd July to Brussels thru Heathrow. Staff in Heathrow refused to transfer the luggage to the plane to Brussels as following them the time was too short (1 hour!). They promised that the luggage will come with next flight. Since then no news anymore, no phone number, no human being that can be contacted. The World Tracer is not working like many already mentionned. It seems like they have locked every access on purpose in case of bad service. This is unaaceptable and I would like to join any class action. IS THERE ANY LAWYER WILLING TO ORGANISE A CLASS ACTION? A failure can always happen but their behaviour is unacceptable. We should force BA at least that they provide accurate information and support in case of service failure.

  • Steve

    Travelled with my wife from LHR to FRA on June, 30th on our honeymoon. My luggage still is not with me. Service and friendlyness of staff: zero. Started a blacklist of companies never to be used again: BA is first entry.

  • Patricia

    I have a long story, and similar to everyone on this site. My 7-day vacation in America was ruined because of a 5-day delay in my luggage delivery, and all the stress and expenditure that went with it.

    I gave British Airways $1000. to fly me and my luggage to JFK. They did not deliver the bags. That is called BREACH OF CONTRACT and they must be held accountable in a court of law. Therefore, I think it not only just, but imperative that a class action suit be brought against them. Please contact me at I am a schoolteacher, so have lots of time this summer to devote to pursuing BA legally.

  • Andrew

    I left on a study abroad with school on June 11th. I spent 2 weeks in Russia with nothing. I returned on the 23rd. As of today my bag cannot be found. I was told to fax my claim to 347-418-4359, but the number is ALWAYS busy. I’ve lost 2 weeks of clothes valued at $900. And every flight I was on with BA was delayed.

  • Cynthia Giddle

    I travelled from Istanbul to Philadelphia through Heathrow on June 21st (a day later than scheduled because of a BA flight cancellation due to a “crew problem”–with NO compensation for the expenses of an extra day in Istanbul), one of my two bags arrived three days after I did, the other has yet to arrive, almost five weeks later. I have all the same complaints about BA as others here, especially inadequate and misleading information about the problems and difficulty in getting a human response by telephone. I filed a lost luggage claim three weeks ago, both by fax and mail, and have not received confirmation that either was received. I was told in a telephone conversation with Customer Relations that BA doesn’t even begin to process claims until the bag has been missing for three months. The Customer Relations call center seems to be in Jacksonville, FLA, and have little contact with Heathrow. I’ve flown BA with no complaints since 1980 and now will never fly BA again. I would gladly join a class action suit.

  • Trudi

    I am SOOOOOO sorry we flew British Air. Our story sounds like so many of them posted here – but we’re only four days into the saga. Our luggage did not make it from Rome to Heathrow – 3 bags are missing. We were assured it would be delivered to our hotel that night – HAH – or worst case would beat us home the following day.
    Neither was true. I am missing virtually all my summer clothes and shoes, my makeup because of all the new airline rules, etc. and my husband is missing his clothes and shoes as well. I have had no responses to emails (even to correct our address which was incorrect), you can’t get through on the phone lines – it’s absurd. So unprofessional. And seeing the hundreds if not thousands of bags at Heathrow – some in stacks 10 feet high – scared the heck out of me. Surely they can hire some college students to sort through the bags and get them back to their owners! This is unacceptable. I will never fly British Airways again.

  • Niall McKillop

    Over the many hours I have spent over the past eight days waiting to be connected to a human on any of British Airway’s so-called telephone ‘helplines’, one of the voice jingles most frequently heard has been “Travel Light with British Airways.” It would seem that for many of the world’s least favourite airline’s customers there is now absolutely no choice in the matter.

    My wife and six colleagues flew with BA from Johannesburg to Heathrow on Friday 21st July, having arrived earlier that day by South african Airways from Llilongwe in Malawi, where they had been had been working as part of the Scottish Executive’s Malawi initiative. All were due to travel onward to Scotland, but British Airways, which had cancelled all flights to Glasgow and Newcastle due to severe weather conditions the previous day, refused to make any alternative arrangements for the group, most of whom then had to hire a car at Heathrow and drive to Glasgow.

    Of seven bags due to come off the flight only one had appeared, and the group was advised by BA to check again at Glasgow airport. On arrival there, an exceptionally rude BA employee wouldn’t help, so they had no choice but to make their way home and wait.

    What has followed, in everyone’s efforts in tracing their baggage, has seemed almost to have been manahged by BA to produce for them a specific result -i.e., that passengers are unable to access any information whatsoever regarding lost baggage.

    My view is that BA’s claims to take better care of you and to be the world’s favourite airline are fraudulent, particularly since it is now THE most complained about airline to the Air Transport Users group.

  • silvia

    British airways lost one of my two luggage at Heathrow Airport in June 25th. Every day I try to call but is very hard speak with someone and get answers. A week ago an employee told me if I want I can go to Heathrow to take my luggage: ok, I can, but if is so easy, why BA don’t send it to me?
    Does anyone know if going to Heathrow is possible take own luggage?
    I live in Italy and I’m member of “Altroconsumo”, a magazine for people rights (like the english “Which?”): I send them a copy of my complain, so they can patronize me.
    I told them that there are other people in other country that are interested to make a class action.
    Please write me if someone do that.
    Thank you.

  • Trudi

    I have a huge concern for all of us after learning that after 45 days an airline can sell your belongings – even when it is due to complete incompetence like this. I think every one of us should write the most powerful travel editors we can think of – in every country – and ask for their help.

  • Monica

    OMG, reading all these posts makes me regret having booked two trips with BA. It is very difficult traveling with hand luggage only now because of the new regulations. I am seriously concidering to cancel my tickets with BA and book with another airline. I can’t stand the thought of loosing my luggage.

  • John

    Here are 2 more lost BA customers who will never travel via London again. We travelled on June 24 from JFK to Nice via Heathrow. The check-in at JFK was a big mess and the service on the plane poor. Screens and lights did not function correctly. To top it off our luggage never arrived at Nice. Even after 5 weeks they are still missing and there is no information other than the ‘still tracing…’ phrase on the internet. Phone calls are automatically rejected. Even Lost baggage employees in Nice advise us to avoid BA and London. With all the lost customers who needs terminal 5 ?

  • angela

    Is there actually a law where BA has to return passenger’s baggage in a timely manner?????? And not to go auction after 45 days?????? It has been one month since British Airways lost my baggages in Heathrow!!!! I think weather or terrorist is totally not an excuse, it is ashame of British Airways that has such a poor management and stupid employees. How are the consumers protected against this irresponsible British Airways???? How can we get help??????

  • Grace

    British Airways is hands down the absolute worst airline I have ever flown. Not to mention that Heathrow airport is the armpit of Europe. We have been missing one of our bags for a week now and everytime we call we get a different answer. We live in Dallas, Tx and up until today we were told the bag had last been scanned at JFK (NY). Well, today we were told it was scanned in Edinborough (Scotland?!) and heading to London City. are you serious?!? I am incredulous and feel completely impotent. Their “call center” is a joke. I wouldn’t be surprised if they file bankruptcy soon. I am interested in a class action lawsuit if it comes to this.

  • Jim

    I have traveled with BA on 2 other occasions from the US and I was most impressed. However, the situation as suddenly gone in the hole on our most recent voyage to Europe in early July. My wife and I lost our only two bags in the black hole of Heathrow on the way over. During our vacation we had to scramble and spend valuable time to find some clothing, new luggage and personal items during our trip. Other wasted hours were spent trying to log into the BA-lost luggage website only to find no new information.

    When we returned to Heathrow to go home we reported in to a customer service agent to see if they found either bag. After some checking on the phone he reported back to us with bit of horror that one of our bags was put on a truck and sent to Milan Italy to be sorted..yes a truck. Not sure how they got a truck to Italy, but he said it took 9 days. As a BA employee he was somewhat taken back by this report. The other bag he said was last scanned in Terminal 4 and to this day that is all we have on that bag. My guess is there is this giant pile of bags sitting in some warehouse lost and forgotten under terminal 4.

    We have since returned from a 19 day trip to Northern Europe and still no sign of our bags. Today is day 31 and I am begining to believe that they are really not going to return any of my belongings. They keep telling me that the one bags is in Milan according to their “system”, but that was two weeks ago. I have had several phone calls to generally very kind agents that are located in the US, but I realize their hands are tied and nothing would be solved by telling them off. I asked one agent if he gets a lot of angry calls and he told me yes, but he says fortuantely he is maintaining his “high self esteem” and it keeps him going. I wonder if they are having any problems recruiting people to take these calls?

    The management of this crippled airlines need to get this crisis resolved and soon. I certainly will be looking for a new airline to travel on for any future trips to Europe and I will certianly avoid Heathrow. BTW, I hear that Regis Philbin lost a bunch of luggage and was recently ranting on the air over BA and his mess. Hopefully travelers will take notice.

  • angela

    Hello British Airway, can you hear us?????
    A delay for 3-5 days or even 10 days is more than enough. But it has been a month and you still not returning our luggages. If your management and staffs are handicapped, put pictures of all the luggages on the website, perhaps some of your frustrated customers could help you to identify their belongings. Do some smart actions, don’t ignore your customers who are supporting you to stay in business. Move !!!!!!!!

  • Sorbonne

    There are two things one should avoid like the plague:
    1.- British Airways;
    2.- London Heathrow as a connecting airport.
    This is a poisonous combination for which an antidote cannot be found. (The latest info I received from LHR was that there are around 21.000 pieces of luggage sitting there without an owner).
    If you, due to lack of choices, really must use this sorry airline, DO NOT, never, check your luggage through to your final destination via Heathrow because the chances you will ever see your stuff again are slim to zero.
    Take it off the conveyer in LHR and check it in with ANY OTHER AIRLINE THAN BA to your final destination.
    It may cost a little bit of lifting and a few bucks more, but one only has to read the mysery the above writers have gone through, to understand that it will save you from insanity.

  • L Calvert

    Don’t just think this is a problem for BA users. I travelled to Italy (Marco Polo) on 18th July and all suitcase never appeared. In fact, it is still lost and I travelled with BMI. They were extremely inefficient, got information wrong from the start, were looking for a white bag when I told them it was silver etc. They give you numbers which do not work however much you try or its an automated voice mail system in Italian!

    Like some of your previous correspondents I had to try and find some italian clothes that were cheap and which fitted me. It was a nightmare to have to do this in 32 degrees when all I wanted to do was to chill round the swimming pool. One ruined holiday. I’m so paranoid now that I think I will wear as much as possible and put stuff in a piece of hand luggage! Anything rather than give an airline my precious belongings. Fortunately I had the sense to put jewelery in my hand luggage but i have lost some clothes which had sentimental attachments and as I am fairly short, clothes which are hard to come by or which have been altered to fit. BMI couldn’t care less – but I wonder if shareholders are so keen on some of their profits going out on lost luggage compensation payouts? Much of the lost bags could be prevented by failsafe systems, apparently BMI think the sticky label on the handle came off (have you ever tried to get that off at the end of a holiday?!) or maybe the handle came off my luggage (it was a brand new suitcase) so I hardly think so. But even if it did, the suitcase didn’t need to become unidentifiable with regard to which flight it should have been put on. Airlines should put on at least two stickers on the side of bags then the percentage of bags lost would be less, surely? However, this doesn’t stop bags just being junked off planes and just plain chucked in the corner because people can’t be bothered. I was told to look through the luggage on my return to Heathrow terminal one. I was shocked by the piles of bags just left around the carousels. One of those that I looked at was owned by a lady from the Cayman Islands. Why do I know this? Because she had the label the size of her luggage with her name and home address clearly stuck on the bag on one side. Why was it languishing in the corner with tons of other bags on top? Basically they DON’T CARE! They hope that we will all go away -= make sure you all claim the most you can for your possessions. Eventually this will stop them being so careless. AND WHY aren’t these people made to pay compensation for hurt to feelings, stress and ruination of holidays? Why are they allowed to hid behind this Warsaw Convention and not be open to normal legal challenges?

    Why does the UK Government allow them to get away with it? Etc,

  • Sorbonne

    Further to my earlier advice:
    Buy (from any dollar store) a roll of YELLOW (for if your suitcases are dark) or RED (in case they’re lightish of colour) HEAVY DUCT TAPE (2 inches wide), make three strips of about 10-12 inches long and write with HEAVY BLACK FELT PEN the CODED destination, for example: if you’re going to Toronto write ‘To:YYZ’ – to Amsterdam write ‘To:AMS’ – to Grenada write ‘To: GND’, etc. and then put one next to the handle, and the other two on the flat surfaces. (That also helps you identify your stuff when it’s arriving on the conveyor).
    Next to all the information regarding my HOME address (including cell phone and email), the entire inside of my suitcase lid is covered with all the destinations I usually go to, thus, since the strips can be used several times, I simply keep on using the needed ones as I travel along.

  • Andrew

    My luggage has been lost since June 11th and I just received it today. I got a phone call out of the blue yesterday asking me to confirm my address and file tracking number and then it was sent Fedex to me. I had 2 weeks of stuff in it and only lost some socks and underwear to mildew. The clothes had a smell to them but they will wash up fine. I had given up on it long ago and had filed a claim, but I guess now never give up on them. I called BA to check on my claim status and was told I would be contacted by BA in 6-8 weeks. After telling her what I thought of that, my bag suddenly shows up. And my bag had been sitting in Chicago for a while the lady told me (I flew from NY to London, then to Saint Petersburg Russia where I spent 2 weeks with nothing). Maybe just going off and not leaving them alone will help out. Good luck to everybody else, I will never fly BA again.

  • Prabin Shrestha

    Dear Sir/Madam:

    I am sending you this mail due to problem facing with British airways regarding my baggage lost. I sent several emails to BA but did not get any response.

    I lost my baggage while travelling from NY to Delhi on 28 June 2007. Out of my 2 baggages, one is found and another is still missing. I talked to BA representatives in JFK, NY several times but they are not seiously handling the matter. I am very sad on your services. There is no response on my several inquiries.

    I told BA representatives several times that I am not interested to get any compensation instead of bag, I just want my bag. I have very important documents inside.

    My details informations are:
    passenger name: Dr.Pooja Shrestha
    tag no: BA767614
    british airways BA 176 (from NY to LOndon)
    Jet airways: 9w121 (from London to Delhi)
    File reference number : DEL9W12405
    PNR : 4EV4TJ
    Suitcase color: Grey hard plastic

    I was being transferred to Jet airways due to missing flight in London.
    This is not only first time, even when I travelled by BA to NY in January 19 2007, I lost my one baggage out of 4. But It was found after one week. If you donot believe me, I have proof of ticket no ZY86IC and baggages:BA639554 to BA639557. One of these was found later. It shows it is happening again in BA and how careless BA service are.

    As I am being helpless, I am seeking help from your association.

    Hoping to hear favourably.

    Thank you.

    Pooja shrestha

  • Sharon Armstrong

    I flew in from Chicago on the the 25th of June, over $2500 dollars to transport myself, my dog and two medium size suitcases in a direct flight to Heathrow. I only used BA because of the Petpassport Scheme stipulations. I am home for a year to attend Edinburgh University and brought as much paperwork on the plane as I was allowed. The larger of the suitcases disappeared between Chicago and London. I was told on the 29th that it had arrived in Heathrow and was going through customs before being shipped to Ayr. It is now the 6th of August and I cannot get anyone to confirm that my luggage has infact even left ORD. My file was closed a few days after my initial report and had to be reopened, and at the minute still says that my case was recieved by London on the 29th. I have been told that this is not the case, although there might be a chance that it is under the pile at the aiport and just hasn’t been scanned. How can the story go from “we have it, it’s on it’s way” to” we have no idea what side of the Atlantic it is on.” I feel that BA should not even be allowed to call it’s security measures security. They apparenty have no idea what is coming in and from where.
    My bag has all my jewelry, papers from the INS and the university, my jackets and jeans and shoes. I have had to buy clothes to wear as the rest of my belonging will not arrive by sea for at least another month. My two suitcases where my total belongings until that time.
    I have been hung up on, I have been told that they cannot help me and I cannot get anyone to take any kind of responsiblity for losing my luggage. It’s disgraceful. How can a bag go missing from a straight flight?
    I too will never use BA again. So much money for so little service.

  • janet rosenberg

    Dear Sirs or madam,
    We travelled from Madrid via Heathrow to toronto on July 17th 2007, my husbands bag went missing, we phoned the free toll number kept on hold forever but eventually was told the bag was still at Heathrow, we called every single day for the first two weeks, all my husbands clothes were in the case, he was walking around with the same clothes for days. We were then told the bag was at Gatwick, then milan, and now we have been told today 6th August that there is now no trace of the bag. There has been an article in a London Newspaper THE DAILY TELEGRAPH about lost luggage with Brtitish Airways, dated 4th of August, please read this article apparently they auction off all bags after one week, to a London auction house. AFTER ONE WEEK can you believe this, We are livid and are going to make sure that British Airways get their comeuppance. How dare they treat their customers like SH***** We would be interested in a class action suit, because although I can afford to replace lost items, I will not stand back and be taken for a stool pidgeon. Please contact me at
    if somebody can help us we would be very grateful.
    Janet rosenber at

  • Darryn Bezuidenhout

    Id like to find out. Has anyone claimed from British airways if so is there a fixed fee they pay or do they repay you what your bags are worth.
    I have to say that i will need ever fly with British airways again. Shit thing is that i have a return ticket with them in a year that i will now be trying to get my money back for. I am not only unhappy with them loosing my bags but on my 11 hour flight the in flight entertainment was not working. A 11 hour flight with nothing to do, what a service british airways provide us.

  • Aydan Kayserili

    Does anyone want to take any action, please do it together.

    I went to the Small Claims Court and British Airways hired a lawyer not to pay me what I claimed for. They lost my big suitcase in a direct flight when I flying in the business class. My baggage never arrived in Madrid from London. I had to buy stuff to manage mylife during my 2-week business trip. They never reimbursed that and they sent me one check for all my losses which is more than $6000. I am extremely upset because I have lost my new and expensive clothing and I have never lost a luggage before even I had flown to many countries through connnecting flights.

    Please send me an email and let me know if you want to do anything jointly. We may get a better chance!!!

    aydan kayserili:

  • Siddharth Kar

    Hello, I had written on this forum some time back, and wish to share my experience with you. Took off from Bombay on 13th August, at around 3:15 am, approx an hour later than schedule. Still landed at Heathrow 30 minutes before time. Got to the gate just a couple of mins ahead of time though. Connection time was 95 mins at Heathrow. Finished security check in 23-30 mins, and reached the gate 40 mins before scheduled departure. Took off from Heathrow on time, and reached Detriot ahead of time. BA had excellent service in flight. A little too cold for me (lived in tropical climate all my life) in the cabin, but the food, service, entertainment were all good.I am sure international travel has its own ills, but my experience (first international flights, connecting through a busy airport, that too all alone) was a comfortable one. I am sure there were factors to explain this, like less traffic in the morning at Heathrow, etc, etc, but these are the facts the way I saw it. Hope it helps, and keep fighting for what is rightfully yours.

  • Sheila Pickwell

    BA lost our luggage April 2007 between LA & Johannesburg. They were completely unresponsive. After 7 months they wrote to say they gave our luggage to an obscure African Airline we never heard of and now it was their problem. Our luggage was never found and we were never re-imbursed one penny.

  • sudipta ray

    my husband has lost his bag from b.a. as he will be joining to ship as he is a marine engineer so it will be a great problem to him . please help

  • David Goorney

    BA lost my suitcase on a trip from Gatwick to Rome. A number of passengers found there luggage was missing on arrival at Fiumicino airport, one of the passengers was an elderly lady in a wheelchair who had important medication in her suitcase. Customer services at the airport were not at all helpful. Rather than simply calling Gatwick airport to find out what happened, we were all given a number to contact BA services ourselves. This sort of service is disgraceful. My suitcase arrived the following night at 10pm. Surely placing bags on a plane is a simple task, it really isn’t rocket science.

  • Mrs. Lydia Kaddu Busagwa

    I travelled with my son who thought that l was going to leave him in Africa but the trueth is his Dad Mr. Alan Shonubi wanted him to sign his property documents as he is an International Lawyer. My son refused to check his bag and not even his hand baggage he travelled with a laptop bag. Forgetting my password l broke mine and transfered my daily book and other things in his bag which my sister Mrs. Eva Kabunga who has been travelling with British airways for long and for me this is my first time because l travel with Emirates. Now I have lost my daily from the hand ldge and it was left with security as she could not take two bags. For me l was still dealing with my son’s bag aand by the time l came to security my sister had given up and her ldge was moved from the plain. I would like to thanl all those l have spoken to in a lot of strees after checking the bag when the daily which had two envelops one with £100 cealed with celltap and one was open with £240. I was asked to pay the £5 for lost property and l said to the young girl who was so nice that the money is in that bag because l didn’t travell with any money and the key to the bag l took plus bank cards. She gave me the bag after opening to get the money the daily book was not there l called the police and they told me may be the security at Terminal 4 are the best to talk to because that’s where it all started. Every body has been so coperative and thanks a lot all I need wright now is my daily book it had my addresses and many contacts and many other details of things l have done in the past. Some of my education material which l can’t get only if the programme is opened by profession who l don’t want to disturb again.

    Please if some came across the money and kept aside for security reasons l will be very grateful because l have used my friends money hoping to pay as soon as l get my bag. Thank God l have my bank cards. I would like to get help by checking the scan on the 18th/03/2008 my name is Lydia Kaddu Busagwa and this bag was first claimed by my husband so that he can send me the money to use. My sister did not fly with us because the person on the desk was rude plus she had check-in online that the tree of us had 1 bag and hand 1 ldge. Please handle this matter very careful that the person can do me a favour only that it might be in one of the bins collected last week. Please this is not my sister to buy tickets and don’t travell she must have had a bad day. My daily has Dr. Bhatti as my Doctor my names and mobile number. A/c details for some people l pay regularly. somany things l really need this daily this was security Terminal 4 travelling to Entebbe from Heathrow on 18th/03/2008 at 9.20 pm aroud that time because we are one of the last people to board the plain.

    Lydia Kaddy Busagwa.


    Dear Sir/Madam: 10 MARCH 2008

    I am sending you this mail due to problem facing with British airways regarding my baggage lost. I sent several emails to BA but did not get any response.

    I lost my baggage while travelling from SAN JUAN PR to DELHI on 16 MARCH 2007. Out of my 2 baggages, one is found and another is still missing. I talked to BA representatives in DELHI, several times but they are not seiously handling the matter. I am very sad on your services. There is no response on my several inquiries.

    I told BA representatives several times that I am not interested to get any compensation instead of bag, I just want my bag. I have very important certificates & my sea men book inside.

    My details informations are:
    passenger name: VERMA RAKESH
    tag no: AA 1151766







    Dear Sir/Madam: 10 MARCH 2008

    I am sending you this mail due to problem facing with British airways regarding my baggage lost. I sent several emails to BA but did not get any response.

    I lost my baggage while travelling from SAN JUAN PR to DELHI on 16 MARCH 2007. Out of my 2 baggages, one is found and another is still missing. I talked to BA representatives in DELHI, several times but they are not seiously handling the matter. I am very sad on your services. There is no response on my several inquiries.

    I told BA representatives several times that I am not interested to get any compensation instead of bag, I just want my bag. I have very important certificates & my sea men book inside.

    My details informations are:
    passenger name: VERMA RAKESH
    tag no: AA 1151765







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