Malaysian High Commission in London

malay.jpgMalaysian High Commission – London
Tel: 020 7235 8033
Immigration Tel: 020 7919 0263
Address: 45-46 Belgrave Square, London SW1X 8QT – Map
Immigration email:
Opening Hours
Mon-Fri 9am-5pm

Malaysian High Commission Student Department
Tel: 020 7985 1252
Address: 30-34 Queensborough Terrace, London, W2 3ST – Map





3 thoughts on “Malaysian High Commission in London

  • colin myers

    I would like to voice my concerns regarding the article in last weeks newspapers about the orangutans the are being kept in appalling conditions in zoos in your country, These animals should not be in zoos anywhere in the world, but if they are they should be kept in surroundings that are appropriate. I hope your government forces these zoos to improve things
    yours sincerely,
    colin myers

  • debra

    am lost for words what can you say this is heart breaking i dont know how we can be so cruel this should not be happening you should know better i would put these people in cages and see how they like it i hope the goverment will improve zoo they should not be in cages they should ban zoo yours sincererly debra watt

  • Adrienne Fleming

    The recent article in the Daily Mirror about Orangutans in your Zoo’s upset me deeply. How can their treatment be humane these are very dignified,sensitive creatures and should be treated with love and respect. They have emotions just as we do.
    I consider your country as civilised so don’t you think it would be wonderful if you could release these beautiful animals from cages and build them a decent compound or even better have them with help released back into their own habitat.Unfortunately man is responsible for destroying this planet so maybe you can help to right at least one wrong.

    Thank you Adrienne Fleming

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