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Melanie Waldman
Melanie has been in love with vibrant, exciting London since childhood, when Kermit’s “London Frog” was her tour guide. Since her first vist in 1985 (the debut of Eastenders and Live Aid, and the end of Margaret Thatcher), she’s seen London grow into an art, design, financial, entertainment and culinary center, and one of the greatest cities in the world.




From the flowers of Kew Gardens to the hills of Hampstead Heath, the depths of the Tube to the top of the Eye, Leadenhall Market to Portobello Road, and Bengali curries to Neal’s Yard cheeses, Melanie is eager to take you down small historic streets, across acres of parkland, along the serpentine Thames and into the heart of London Town for a vacation you’ll treasure the rest of your life.

Melanie can offer an empire’s worth of travel tips on the city she loves, but if you don’t find the information you’re looking for here, please ask; she’ll reach out to her extensive network of London contacts and track down what you need.

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