Astor Museum Inn Hostel

Astor museum doorWith only 89 beds, the Astor Museum Inn is small and personal compared to most London hostels.

Situated in a quiet Bloomsbury street, you could almost miss the Astor Museum’s unassuming entrance. Inside, there’s a relaxing, cozy feel, with friendly staff and vibrant wall murals. The age range served is 18-35.

The curfew-free hostel offers 2- to 12-bed rooms with in-hall bathrooms and in-room security lockers; guests need to provide their own padlocks or purchase one from the front desk.

Cable TV and a library of DVDs can be found in the lounge room, and there are on-site kitchen facilities and equipment.

About a 20-minute walk from Kings Cross Station, but only 5 minutes from either Holburn or Russell Square Station, the Astor Museum is just around the corner from the flower-filled Russell Square Gardens, which features a small, lovely restaurant.




Check out the Astor Museum Hostel to book your stay, and don’t forget to take a look at the other Astor Hostels scattered around London.

27 Montague Street
London, WC1B 5BH
Phone: 020 7580 5360

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Astor museum dorm

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