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You may not have dreams of living in London, but that doesn’t mean you wouldn’t love staying in a London vacation rental during your trip to the English capital. Anyone who’s staying for more than a couple of days or traveling with a group or family (or both) can appreciate the perks of staying in a vacation rental in London instead of a hotel.

Staying in an apartment – a “flat,” as they say in the UK – gives you an opportunity to see a different side of a place, and that’s especially true when that place is as popular as London. You can choose a flat in a more residential area as opposed to a hotel in a more touristy area, which is likely to save you money as well as force you a bit off the beaten path in this well-trodden city.

As long as your accommodation is near a Tube station you’ll still have easy access to everything you want to see and do in London, even if you’re not right in the center of everything. Not only that, having an apartment means you have a kitchen – which gives you a chance to save even more by cooking for yourself sometimes. And if you’re traveling with a family or a group, you’ll really love having a space where everyone can hang out together that isn’t the hotel lobby.




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Here are the things to think about when you’re considering any vacation rental in London.

  • Location – London is a big enough city that it’s important to know where any flat is before you decide to book. Learn a bit about London’s neighborhoods to narrow down which ones you’d like to stay in, and plot addresses on maps (if you can) to see where they are in relation to Tube stations. Remember that if you’re several zones away from the city center it will cost you more to get back and forth to most of the tourist attractions.
  • Budget – While staying in a flat in London can certainly be cheaper than staying in a fancy London hotel, a vacation rental can also cost you a small fortune. There are some swank properties available in the city, especially in the more popular neighborhoods. If you’ve got a big accommodation budget, you can certainly find something that will eat it up. Don’t immediately be intimidated by what seem like high prices for a rental flat – prices are usually quoted by the week, so to compare it with what you’d pay at a hotel you’d need to multiply the nightly hotel cost by seven (and throw in the cost of every meal, since you wouldn’t be cooking anything in your hotel room).
  • Bedrooms – People who own vacation rentals must single-handedly be keeping the sleeper sofa industry in business. Even one-bedroom rentals can often sleep four or more people simply by converting a couch into a bed. That’s great for a small group that’s comfortable living on top of one another (or a family with small kids who don’t need their own room), but if you’re two couples traveling you’ll be drawing straws to see who gets the private room. In other words, look not just at how many people the rental can sleep but also how many bedrooms/beds there are. Similarly, don’t forget to check the bathroom count, especially in larger apartments when you’re sharing the space with lots of people.

photos, top to bottom, by Sami Keinanen, ktylerconk

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