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How to get there, how to get around, where to find stuff and how to ask for it. These are tips from the local insider to make your stay here a breeze

London is an incredible city, filled with sights to explore, museums to visit and things to do. While you can capture the essence of the city during a 3-day stay, 5 days in London gives you a chance to get to know the city better and even plan a day trip out of London. However, London has never been a […]

London Itinerary: The Perfect 5 Days

When there is talk about some of the world’s great cities, London usually pops up somewhere near the top of the list. A massive city with tons of history and plenty of sites to see and things to do, London would be a great addition to any travel itinerary. While we all know the famous sites London has to offer, […]

Why You Should Add London to Your RTW Trip

Anyone you know dreaming of London this holiday season? Or at the very least, a holiday that celebrates the greatest city in merry old England? Well, here are my suggestions for great London gift ideas for the Anglophile in your life… …even if that Anglophile is you. London: The Novel A great big book full of answers to questions about London’s most […]

Holiday Gifts for the London Fan

London Stansted Airport is the third busiest airport in the UK and a major hub for the low-cost carriers. While London Gatwick is the second busiest airport in the country and also receives plenty of low cost flights from Europe. Once you arrive in London and need to take another plane to other British city or other European city, you’ll […]

Getting from Stansted Airport to Gatwick (and return)

London’s Heathrow Airport is Europe’s busiest airport and while it’s not typically used by European low-cost carriers , it’s popular with international airlines. So, if you fly from other parts of the world expect Europe, you’ll land here. But you might want to travel to other cities in the UK or Europe and you need to transfer to London Stansted […]

Getting from Stansted Airport to Heathrow (and return)

Wales is part of the UK and travelers are attracted to it because of the natural landscape , the history and culture. Cardiff is the capital of Wales and the largest urbane area. Other notable cities in Wales are: Caernarfon – home to the Caernarfon Castle , one of the best preserved in Wales -, Conwy – medieval, fortified town […]

Getting from London to Wales (and return)

Belfast is the capital and the largest city in Northern Ireland, UK. It is the second largest city on the island of Ireland after Dublin and is located at the mouth of the River Lagan. Getting from London to Belfast involves crossing the sea, so you’ll need to add the ferry into the route, whether you travel by bus, train […]

Getting from London to Belfast (and return)

Glasgow is the biggest city in Scotland and is located on the banks of the River Clyde. The third largest city in the UK remains an important industrial center, but over the years, the culture, architecture and music have gained a lot more importance. It is now a center of tourism, commerce and culture, being one of the most visited […]

Getting from Glasgow to London (and return)

Brighton is charming seaside resort on the south coast of England. What started as a small sleepy fishing village, over the centuries gain more and more importance. With the development of the railways, the city really started to boom and now is a good place to escape the capital of London, which is located near-by. Its proximity to London means […]

Getting from London to Brighton (and return)

Bristol ranks fourth in the top destinations in England , having a long maritime history and offering a variety of activities. During the summer, the city comes to life thanks to the many festivals taking place here. Although the city is served by Bristol Airport (BRS), the ninth busiest airport in the UK, and a major base for both Ryanair […]

Getting from London to Bristol (and return)