London Tourist Information

If you still like to get some of your news the old-fashioned way – walking up to a newsstand (or, as they’re locally called newsagents) and buying a paper – then London is your kind of town. Newsagents here have racks fairly bulging with┬ánational dailies, divided into the quality or broadsheet papers, the tabloids, and a wide variety of independents.

Newspapers in London

Though the city is dedicated to global commerce and communication, affordable/free Wi-Fi in London can be hard to come by. The majority of central city hotels charge for the privilege/right, and prices can be steep. If you don’t subscribe to universal coverage and fear international data roaming charges, while in town your smartphone can become a useless brick. In the […]

Wi-Fi in London

One of the nicest parts of London for a visitor to spend a day is Greenwich, about five miles east of Westminster, right on the banks of the River Thames. If you look on a map Greenwich is at the bottom of that big horseshoe the Thames makes and it’s position gives great views up river, across to the Isle […]