If you’re planning to be one of London’s millions of yearly visitors, chances are you’ll need to know how to get into town from an airport, where to find your country’s embassy, who to call if you need emergency health care, where to change your currency, what weather to expect in what season, and much more.

Here’s a rundown of helpful tourist info you just might need in London:

There are five airports that service London, Heathrow, Gatwick, Stansted, Luton and London City Airport. This section explains where they are and how to make your way into the city once you’ve landed.

Disabled Travelers
Look in this section for information on disabled symbols in use and information on the National Accessible Scheme. The British government tries to ensure that public buildings, tourists sites, places of business and public transport are accessible to disabled travelers. Because of its age, the London Underground system is not always an option for wheelchair users, but all London’s public buses are wheelchair-friendly.




Click on the links here to get addresses, contact information and opening hours for major embassies and consulates in London and around the UK.Since London is the UK’s capital city, almost every country in the world has an embassy or consulate here. The majority of foreign embassies are based in the city’s central boroughs, such as Westminster and Kensington.

A variety of maps for study and purchase to help orient yourself in London, in England and the entire UK.

The currency you’ll use in Britain is called the Pound Sterling. Find out about the notes and coins in use and where you can access or change your money.

Depending on your nationality you may or may not need a visa to enter the UK. EU citizens and those from a few selected countries such as the US are good to go as long as they have a valid passport, visitors from other countries may face a bit more red tape. Use this section to find out if you’ll to visit an embassy before taking a trip to Britain.

A guide to what the weather will be like in London from season to season, month by month.

Connectivity in London isn’t always (or even often) free, so here are some resources to help you stay affordably wireless in the city.

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