Regent’s Park is a 410-acre meandering idyll that begins at the northwestern end of Marylebone. Sitting halfway between the Borough of Camden and the City of Westminster, it encompasses some of the city’s most stunning gardens, a navigable canal, the London Zoo, a theater, restaurants and a lake large enough to row across.

London Parks: Regent’s Park

The oldest of the Royal Parks, Greenwich Park is full of history, attractions and wildlife. Situated at the top of a huge hill, it also offers some of the city’s finest views over all of London. While Roman remains of a temple and several ancient objects were found in the east side of the park in 1902, the modern history […]

London Parks: Greenwich Park

The Museum in Docklands, an offshoot of the Museum of London, opened in 2003 in a network of converted sugar warehouses in West India Quay. The museum tells the story of London in relation to the River Thames: why and where people first settled along the river, and how invaders such as the Romans, Vikings, Danes and Normans impacted the political, […]

Museum in Docklands

Established in 1753, the British Museum was the first public museum in the world; it remains one of England’s most famous and popular attractions. Originally created to house the extensive curiosity collections of Hans Sloane (one of 17th- and 18th-century London’s most notable citizens) the museum has spawned both the British Library and Natural History Museum, and grown into Britain’s […]

The British Museum

The National Maritime Museum, set back on the spacious grounds of Greenwich Park, has a collection of over 2 million items that chronicle Britain’s seafaring history. Excellent displays here explore Britain’s pivotal role in exploration, warfare, trade and the slave trade, and include original uniforms, weapons, charts, maps, timekeeping and navigational items and more from hundreds of years ago to […]

National Maritime Museum