Places to Go

London is an incredible city, filled with sights to explore, museums to visit and things to do. While you can capture the essence of the city during a 3-day stay, 5 days in London gives you a chance to get to know the city better and even plan a day trip out of London. However, London has never been a […]

London Itinerary: The Perfect 5 Days

London is one of the most fascinating cities in the world. It’s a place filled with culture, history, excellent nightlife and a lot of things to do. The following itinerary is based on my 5-days stay in London (back in March 2011). Among the sites visited are: British Museum, Tower of London, Tower Bridge, Bucking Palace, Trafalgar Square, St. Paul’s […]

3 Days in London: Itinerary Ideas

Bristol ranks fourth in the top destinations in England , having a long maritime history and offering a variety of activities. During the summer, the city comes to life thanks to the many festivals taking place here. Although the city is served by Bristol Airport (BRS), the ninth busiest airport in the UK, and a major base for both Ryanair […]

Getting from London to Bristol (and return)

I’ve just been to London this March. During the 5-day vacation it didn’t rain, we used the tube to get around and visited everything we planned to. London is not cheap but it’s possible to get by on a low daily budget. Our hotel – gracefully located right by two tube stations, offering links to the entire city – offered […]

Visit London

The Museum in Docklands, an offshoot of the Museum of London, opened in 2003 in a network of converted sugar warehouses in West India Quay. The museum tells the story of London in relation to the River Thames: why and where people first settled along the river, and how invaders such as the Romans, Vikings, Danes and Normans impacted the political, […]

Museum in Docklands

Trafalgar Square, right in the center of London, is a major meeting point for the city’s roads, local Londoners and tourists. It’s always been an important gathering place, and is full of iconic London buildings and monuments.

Trafalgar Square