Some locals feel that May in London is the city’s most beautiful month, bursting with flowers and often, some brilliant sunshine. Just before high season officially begins,¬†find an amazing deal on a flight and hotel room and head outside to explore the whole city in its splendor!

May in London

Dating back to 1865, afternoon tea in England is credited to Anna Maria, the 7th Duchess of Bedford and lady-in-waiting to Queen Victoria. A woman unused to the fashionably shrinking lunches of the day, the Duchess fell prone to mid-afternoon sugar crashes; after having her footman deliver tea, bread and butter to her room one day, a tradition was born. […]

Best Places for Afternoon Tea in London

Taking a sightseeing bus tour is a great way for first-time London tourists to simultaneously learn the city’s layout and take in some of its most famous attractions. These tours can also be fun for travelers who’ve been all over London, and yet still haven’t seen the city from the touristy side of the street. Here’s a look at some […]

London Sightseeing Bus Tours