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Travel insurance is probably the last thing on your mind when planning your vacation in London. We all hope not to encounter emergencies or misfortunes while on holiday, but sometimes we need to take into account that problems can arise. And when they do, it’s much harder to solve them while abroad than if you were home.

No matter what you think you know about travel insurance, it’s worth taking a look at the links below and getting a quote.

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Types of travel insurance

Trip Protection Insurance/ Trip Cancellation Insurance

Trip protection insurance “protects” your investment or, in other words, covers all the non-refundable travel expenses in case something goes wrong, such as airline strike, death, bankruptcy of travel operator, etc. The calculated cost of trip protection insurance is based on the total trip cost.

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Travel Medical Insurance

Travel medical insurance covers all the emergency medical expenses while abroad. England has had a very well-organized health system since 1948, and all emergency expenses are covered if you have an accident. If you come from a European Union country and you have national insurance, you are also covered for the non-emergency treatments you might need while in London.




If you come from US and you have health insurance, make sure to ask your company if you are covered abroad or not.

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Emergency Evacuation Insurance

As the name implies, this insurance covers all the costs for your emergency evacuation to an adequate medical facility / hospital near your home, should you require emergency evacuation during your trip.

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Flight/Travel Accident Insurance

If anything goes wrong with your flight –including terrorist acts – this type of insurance protects both you and your family.

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Annual Multi-Trip Insurance

This type of travel insurance is aimed at those who travel frequently, for either business or leisure. It’s especially useful if you plan to visit several European countries (or the world) during the course of a year.

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